Precision Soil Mapping

Interested in variable rate application of farm inputs?

GrowMaps – Mapping your soil and providing a full range of soil testing and data management services

Whether wanting Veris soil mapping, soil testing services, or variable rate recommendations, GrowMaps is working with growers and agronomists to farm smarter. We are in the precision agriculture space – providing detailed soil maps and support to growers to maximise your yields.

Bringing growers access to the latest technology, GrowMaps is keen to support our growers adopt precision farming into their systems seamlessly.


Our main service is Veris soil mapping. This captures the soil type, pH and elevation variatation across the property by measuring the soil electrical conductivity and pH. Your farm map is visulaised using AgLeader SMS software allowing us or your adviser to break your fields into management zones – based on soil types and elevation. Working with certified fertiliser spreaders, we can create GPS files with variable rate fertiliser recommendations to match your soil type and crop allowing a simple and cost effective service.

Precision agriculture starts with understanding what your soil is capable of growing – so that you can work with it to achieve better crops for the future. Soil mapping is the foundation to managing your resources smarter – the long term aim is to map your soil, yield and climate and understand your land better so that you can maximise your efficiency.