Soil Sampling Services


We map your soil EC and pH and use the collected data to break your fields into management zones. Management zones have different soil types, slope, and productivity.


GrowMaps offers a soil sampling service where we will work with you to understand your soil fertility yields. Our primary service involves take soil samples from each management zone. With soil sampling we are aiming to accurately understand what is happening with the soil fertility remembering that the soil sample is only average the field’s fertility. Having broken a field into managements zones, we are reducing variability within each sample – allowing a fertiliser recommendation to be tailored to fit across the whole field. 

All sampling sampling is GPS recorded, allowing subsequent sampling to accurately map soil fertility trends over multiple years.


The key to any good fertiliser strategy is a good advice. Having high resolution soil fertility maps, you need to know how much fertiliser to apply across each management zone and field. Contact us to find your local expert on variable rate fertiliser recommendations.


With our soil sampling, we create variable rate prescription files that combine your soil management zones and fertiliser recommendations. These files are compatible any spreader software and can be sent directly to your fertiliser spreader truck to allow hassle-free spreading. Included with each prescription are fertiliser volumes allowing you to order the correct volume for each field and not run out.


After mapping your field, we can come back next year, sample the same areas of the field, and provide you with prescription files for your farm. Rely on us, and trust your soil sampling results – they can be accurate year on year. 

GrowMaps works closely with Eurofins Labs for soil testing; this lab is taking the latest technology from Europe to improve the quality and accuracy of soil testing in NZ and provide a reliable service.