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Using AgLeader SMS, we offer a DataFusion service where we collect and store your soil and crop data. This data is used to divide your fields into management zones based on soil type, topography and historical yield data. Variable rate prescriptions are created and can be loaded into your tractor GPS to allow hassle free implementation.

Why would you not farm with greater precision if you had the opportunity? With precision agriculture, the tools are available to map your land, optimize your fertiliser spreading, and better manage your irrigation.

Gains from adopting Precision Agriculture

  • Reduced yield variation
  • Placement of fertiliser where it is needed
  • Consistent pH across your fields
  • Minimised nutrient leaching
  • Reduced surface water ponding

Farm Prescriptions

  • PrecisionLime
  • PrecisionFert
  • PrecisionIrrigation
  • PrecisionDrainage
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Variable rate fertiliser spreading helps you to spread fertiliser where it is needed. Zone soil sampling is used to map your soil fertility. Based on your crop and soil test results, we will then help you develop a fertiliser recommendation for each management zone. Using AgLeader SMS software, we create a plug-n-go fertiliser prescription file which you can give to your spreader – saving you work.

The benefits of using PrecisionFertiliser is reduced fertiliser costs as you only spread fertiliser where it is required by your crop. By reducing the amount of fertiliser spread, you will also be minimising your environmental impact while farming sustainably.

Variable Rate
Variable Rate


Field trials have shown that shows that spreading lime based on normal soil test results deliver sub-optimal lime rates to 25 percent of the paddock – exposing the risk for soil acidity to limit plant growth. In some fields, soil pH varies by about 2 pH units over only 20 metres. To accurately map soil pH variation, at least 11 evenly spaced samples per hectare need to be collected.
Variable rate lime spreading typically results in less lime being spread over the first couple of years as large areas of many paddocks already have sufficiently high pH. Improved yields can be achieved by maintaining an optimum pH consistently across your fields – reducing those under-performing zones.



Water is a key resource to farming for the future. By adopting  variable rate irrigation, water savings of between 9-25% can be achieved – this translates to energy savings from pumping less water, and less drainage (typically 25-45% less drainage over the irrigation season), reducing nutrient leaching.

Variable rate irrigation divides fields into management zones based on soil texture maps. In each soil zone, soil moisture sensors are installed, and irrigation is planned separately for each soil type. On advanced centre pivot irrigators, you are able to change the flow rate through each sprinkler. In an orchard situation, you can run a separate irrigation channel for each soil type – allowing you greater control over when and where you irrigate.

Variable Rate
Variable Rate


Ponding and poor drainage can be an issue in many areas causing substantial yield losses. However, waterlogging is usually predictable and while mapping your farm, we capture detailed elevation data which we can use to develop drainage plans.

Using your visual observations, we can provide GPS accurate drainage plans that will help you remove excess water. By setting up strategic drainage we can help you remove excess water and improve the productive capacity of your soil. 



Precision agriculture is constantly developing with new technologies becoming available allowing you to better optimise your for farm inputs. PrecisionLime and PrecisionFert are now well understood, but large gains can also be made by adopting technologies like: variable depth cultivation, variable rate seeding, and variable plant varieties. Start simple and look forward to the future.

Its better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a giant leap forward only to stumble backward. Louis Sachar

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